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Fibonacci is a forward-looking, high-performance public blockchain with the ability to be composable and iterative.
Develop with ease,socialize without limits
Fibonacci is a forward-looking, high-performance public blockchain with the ability to be composable and iterative. Leveraging its highly scalable underlying framework, Fibonacci is dedicated to building a customized SocialFi ecosystem for the social sector and creator economy.
Technical Features
100,000 TPS
Designed to handle up to 100,000 TPS (Transactions Per Second) while maintaining extremely low fees for developers and users.
100% EVM compatible, supporting Layer 1 blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem.
SBFT+DPOSA dual consensus mechanism, unparalleled security while ensuring speed, without sacrificing any security.
Fiboancci brings a paradigm shift by separating the relationship between 'chain' and 'application', transitioning from a supply-side driven to a demand-side driven model.
SocialX Protocol
Focused on the social and creator economy
Design Principles
In order to meet the scalability needs of Web3.0 applications, customization plays a significant role in the emergence of new blockchain architectures and enhancing user experience on multiple dimensions.
Customized blockchain separates the relationship between 'chain' and 'application,' bringing about a paradigm shift from a supply-side-driven to a demand-side-driven model.
Developers can reduce the energy expended on underlying development and focus on application innovation, by adopting plug-and-play blockchain deployment solutions.
Compatible with multiple chains
The SocialX protocol achieves horizontal compatibility by customizing the consensus layer, data availability layer, and settlement layer.
performance 01
Experience silkiness
The SocialX protocol supports the integration of proxy service, allowing users to store information on a specified public blockchain through a simple signature without the need for tokens.
performance 02
Multiple storage options
In the SocialX protocol, users have the freedom to choose the location of storage, thus avoiding the security issues associated with centralized storage. Furthermore, the content stored is independent of any DApp or protocol layer operation, giving users greater autonomy and control.
performance 03
Permissionless access
The SocialX protocol adopts an open, permissionless architecture where all code is open-source, without any ownership control or restrictions on application integration.
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